Poll Shows Trump Outmaches Obama In Approval Ratings

Rasmussen Reports showed President Donald Trump’s approval rating ascended to 50 percent. Rasmussen Reports is a public opinion firm conducing polls on voters whether they approve the current administration. Monday’s poll showed that 50 percent of U.S. voters approve of Trump’s job performance, while 49 percent disapprove.

This is a higher rate of approval than former President Barack Obama had at the same time in his presidency. Obama’s 46 percent approval rating was only a few percentage points behind Trump.


From IJR:

The report also shows that 33 percent of those polled strongly approve of Trump, whereas 39 percent of those polled strongly disapprove of the president.

Regardless of the controversy surrounding the president, such as his alleged affair with Stormy Daniels and his firing of government officials through Twitter, his administration has seen higher approval ratings.

Throughout his presidency, Trump’s approval rating has fluctuated. After the inauguration, ratings were at a 56 percent general approval. Yet he has also faced low ratings, such as a 38 percent general approval last August. Obama’s rating during the same time in his presidency was 50 percent.

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