Trump’s Answer About California Governor’s Wall Criticism Will Make The State Secede

President Trump took a trip to California Tuesday to survey prototypes of the border wall. There are many offers with exclusive designs to construct the wall along America’s 2,000 mile border with Mexico. Whereas touring the walls, Trump had to answer a question about recent criticism of the cost of the wall by California’s Democrat governor Jerry Brown.

In his answering, Trump trashed Brown and his management of the state of California. Trump stated that Brown has done “a very poor job running California” and pointed out that the state has very high taxes. “The taxes are way, way out of whack,” Trump said, saying “people are going to start to move pretty soon.” Trump went on criticizing California’s Sanctuary cities for harboring “criminals” and “very dangerous people.”

Trump finished his anti-California remarks by claiming Gov. Brown “has not done the job. The taxes are double and triple what they should be. Everybody that lives in California they know it.”

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