Sheriff Clarke With Direct Message To Punk Kids Who Criticized Betsy DeVos At FL School

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is particularly detested among most on the left, mostly because her suggestions for changing our nation’s education system threaten the liberal status quo that has transformed many public schools into leftist indoctrination camps.

It doesn’t come as a surprise the fact she didn’t receive warm welcome from some students at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida — the site of the latest mass shooting in which 17 persons died and nearly as many were injured — when she visited the school on Wednesday.

Though the visit was closed to the press, still some of the liberal media-adored students who became famous for calling for strict gun control, from taking to Twitter to speak out frivolously against her visit, according to the New York Daily News.

In answering to the students’ call, former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke took to Twitter himself to express his dissatisfaction of the students’ aggressive manner and disrespectful behavior.

“OK enough of this crap. These ‘kids’ should be respectful and appreciative of anybody who takes time to visit with them. Now these ‘kids’ have turned this political. We shouldn’t tolerate their rude and immature behavior any longer. Where are their manners,” Clarke tweeted.

According to the Daily News, one of the outspoken anti-gun students, Aly Sheehy, tweeted, “Do something unexpected: Answer our questions. You came to our school just for publicity and avoided our questions for the 90 minutes you were actually here. How about you do your job?”

Another of the anti-gun students, Emma Gonzalez, tweeted the night before the visit, “good thing I was already planning on sleeping in that day.”

Still another, Sarah Chadwick, tweeted, “Literally no one asked for this.”

But according to the Miami Herald, Chadwick’s tweet was not completely accurate. One of the few pro-Second Amendment voices to come forward from the Parkland school rebutted Chadwick’s discharge of DeVos by clarifying that, yes, some students had asked for her to visit the school.

Student Kyle Kashuv tweeted, “I did, actually. (Betsy DeVos) is an American patriot and is the Sec. of EDUCATION which means she is a great person to talk with about SCHOOL safety.”

According to the South Florida Sun Sentinel, DeVos’ visit came on the first full day of classes at the school since the terrible mass shooting on Feb. 14. During the visit DeVos and Principal Ty Thompson “observed and reflected on the site of the shooting by laying a wreath outside the fence of the building.”

The secretary also had a private conversation with some students and teachers, as well as the students who ran the school newspaper.

Even though DeVos in the past has shown support for permitting trained staff to arm themselves to keep students safe, still the issue was not discussed during her visit to the school. But, she did brought it up during a brief press conference following the visit in which she clarified that such a solution would be voluntary and will depend on local communities if they wanted to do so.

Students shouldn’t have to be so impolite and dismissive toward DeVos — outside of blind liberal hatred — and former Sheriff Clarke was completely right to criticize for their bad-mannered behavior.

Unfortunately, the coarsening of our society has came to extent where even school children now think it is OK to furiously hit at those with whom they may disagree ideologically.

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