Roseanne Attacked By Leftist Reporter As New Show Supports Trump, Barr Spits In His Face

Roseanne Barr’s new sitcom premiered last night, hitting high spots in viewership. Barr has brought back her 90’s show “Roseanne,” with her character as a supporter of President Donald Trump. Roseanne’s sister is a Hillary Clinton supporter, wearing a “Nasty Woman” tee and a pink “pussy hat.” For the first time, Americans saw a Trump supporting character on TV who we could love. That’s why Roseanne was attacked by a leftist reporter, and she shocked him by “spitting in his face.”

Roseanne Barr’s character, “Roseanne Connor,” came from Barr’s stand-up comedy routines when she was starting out. Barr pleaed to working-class folks. The TV networks wanted Barr to be her real self, and the show “Roseanne” was born.

Barr came up with the idea to restore her hit 1990’s show as the 2016 election was occurring. As a vocal Trump supporter, she knew over half the country was not represented on prime time TV. Roseanne plays herself, so she made her sister Jackie a Hillary Clinton supporter which proved to be comedy gold.

Leave it the leftist losers to fly into a rage, how Roseanne Barr had the guts to play likable Trump supporter. She might win over some of the convincing masses.

So, of course, The New York Times chose to come at Roseanne hard and nasty, and she spits right back in reporter Patrick Healy’s face. Healy is a known “hit piece” journalist, and he is outspoken in his hate against Trump. The Daily Caller reported, “Barr stood by her support of the president after the [NY Times] interviewer attempted to call her out for supposed contradictions in her beliefs, during a Wednesday interview.”

Here’s the exchange according to the New York Times:

Considering that Trump opposes many of the principles that you and Roseanne Conner have stood for, how can you support him?

No, he doesn’t, I don’t think he does. I don’t think so at all. I think he voices them quite well.

I’m thinking of abortion rights, same-sex marriage rights, labor protections —

He doesn’t oppose same-sex marriage.

He doesn’t favor it. He has not come out in favor of it.

He does. Yes, he does. He has said it several times, you know, that he’s not homophobic at all.

What about labor union protections and blue-collar workers, and—

What do you mean, the — oh, let’s not get into this.

[A representative for Ms. Barr interjected: “You don’t have to get into it. We can move on.”]

Well, you know, it’s —

Yes, let’s do.

A question people wonder about.

Well, I think working-class people were pissed off about Clinton and NAFTA, so let’s start there. That’s what broke all the unions and we lost all our jobs, so I think that’s a large part of why they voted for Trump because they didn’t want to see it continue, where our jobs are shipped away. So, it’s more, why did people support shipping our jobs away?

Roseanne isn’t worried about the fact that the Hollywood crowd hates her portrayal of a working-class Trump supporter who isn’t a crazed white supremacist living off the grid in the Nevada badlands. The liberals also hate her sister’s character, Jackie, who presents us how ludicrous the “Nasty Woman” rabid feminist look wearing those ugly “pussy hats.”

If ratings are of significance importance, which usually translates into a hit show meaning success, Roseanne’s strike a chord with over 18 million Americans last night, defeating the 60 Minutes big mistake with Stormy Daniels.

The two-episode opening reprisal of the legendary 90’s sitcom reached an incredible amount of 18.1 million viewers and registered a 5.1 in the key demographic. “The first number alone is easily enough to make Roseanne the highest-rated regularly-scheduled scripted show of the last few seasons, as well as the highest-rated sitcom in recent memory,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Better yet, Roseanne pummeled another reboot comedy, Will & Grace, who had a 3.0 rating with 10 million viewers. We love this as Will & Grace is a hardcore Trump-hating show, so it looks like Trump defeat Hillary again.

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