Meghan McCain Schools Co-Hosts Makes Clear Why ‘Roseanne’ Received Such Huge Ratings

The remarks emerged during a panel discussion about how over 18 million people tuned in to watch the premiere episode. Each one of the ladies specified the reason why they considered the show received the reaction it dud. Sarah Hanies implied that it was since “Roseanne” has always been a show that seemed more “rough around the edges” and a little more real.

Sunny Hostin admitted she didn’t watch it during the 90s and has yet to see the reboot, but thinks people are tuning in because they feel a “certain nostalgia.”n

“We are in rough times and people want to hold on to what they knew before,” Hostin added.

But it was McCain who pointed out that it’s the only show on the air that doesn’t depict supporters of President Donald Trump in a negative light.

“I mean I think that’s definitely part of it,” McCain said. “But you can’t underestimate the fact that she’s a Trump supporter in the show.”

“I actually did watch the show and I really loved it,” she stated. “I thought it was a pitch perfect take on what a lot of Trump supporters feel, which I’m always trying to explain on the show.”

“She’s talking about jobs and the economy and how her family almost lost her house and President Trump was actually talking about jobs,” she added. ” That’s something you don’t see on television. Most of the time we see how Trump supporters have horns and they’re horrible and they’re ruining the country ”

“For me even just seeing that on television… horns,” she continued clarifying that she said horns and that it was a joke. “It’s interesting to see that ‘Roseanne’ scored the highest in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Cincinnati, Ohio and Kansas City, Missouri. That’s red America watching.”

Joy Behar admitted Trump was good for ratings and she thanked him for helping their show numbers go up.

“You know he [Trump] may be lousy for women, immigrants and the economy…maybe, we’ll see but he’s really good for TV. Our numbers are up too. May I just extend a thank you to Donald Trump.”

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