Meghan McCain Indicates Trump’s Tariffs And Second Amendment Limit Will Repel His Base

Meghan McCain of “The View” when appeared on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, told host George Stephanopoulos that President Trump is very likely to drive away his base due to his latest tariff decision and his apparently changing attitude.

STEPHANOPOULOS: With an action like this on trade, he alienates the leaders in Congress, the Republican leaders in Congress, who have been backing him when he needed it.

MCCAIN: Yeah, and this is coming off his discussion about the NRA and his seeming hedge on the Second Amendment earlier this week. You want to talk about loyalists leaving? Start screwing with the Second Amendment and the cost of what your beer will cost with your aluminum can – I’m telling you, that will be something that will finally make his base move.

On Thursday, President Trump made announcement about planning to impose new tariffs of on steel (25%) and aluminum (10%).

Some business leaders and experts are extremely disturbed by the president’s acts. CNBC quoted chief financial economist at Jefferies, Ward McCarthy, who said: “Tariffs would probably have the unfortunate effect of both slowing growth and accelerating inflation, and that’s not a good thing.” McCarthy added that “this is the worst possible time to be doing that.”

Republican lawmakers have also been outspoken in their criticism againt the president’s tariff ideas. Appearing on Fox News’ “Special Report” on Thursday, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) stated:

Trade is great for America; trade is great for American families; and no trade war has ever worked. We don’t want to make American 1930 again, and the forgotten men and women of America don’t want to be drafted into a trade war. It doesn’t work. Trade creates jobs – all the data shows that – and trade lowers prices for American families. Trade wars do the opposite.

Trump has long been a detractor of “globalization,” having repeatedly quarreled for protectionist policies throughout his 2016 presidential campaign.

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